Empowering Through Education to Improve Child Safety

Learn to Child Proof

They run, they play and quick as a wink, they are in your cleaning supplies or medicine cabinet.
Child Proof Advice is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching parents and caregivers
of children about common hazards that are often overlooked in today's busy world.

For Parents

The uniqueness of Child Proof Advice is the Do-It-Yourself approach to child proofing. This program allows parents of all economic circumstances to do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children.... and to do it at their leisure. Your question is not will your child find hazards in the home, but when...

Register for the instruction on child proofing and review the information at your leisure. Just be sure to act on all that you learn! A Certificate of Completion will be sent to you upon our notification of your passing grade.

For Professionals

Receive Contact Hour Credits (CHC’s) by learning safety precautions that apply to your professional environment so you are more prepared as a child care professional to stay alert to safety hazards in the child care facility…the child’s home away from home. The instruction also provides child proofing safety “tips” for new parents who rely on you for your expertise in child care.

As with any child protection service, the offerings of Child Proof Advice are intended as a supplement to close adult supervision. The knowledge of Child Proof Advice was derived from the evaluation of products, educational materials, prevention programs and the input from health care practitioners and experts in child safety.

Register for the instruction on child proofing to learn all you need to know to keep your children as safe as possible. Complete the Assessment to receive CHC’s toward your professional license. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to you upon our notification of your passing grade. Assessment preparation will take approximately one hour and the Assessment completion one half hour.

Injuries in the home are preventable...

Nine million children visit an Emergency Room each year due to preventable injuries and 120,000 children are permanently disabled. 70% of those children are under the age of four. If a disease were killing our children at the rate reflected in these statistics, we would be outraged and would demand a cure. Yet, injuries are occurring like a major health epidemic. Some parents and caregivers will think considering child proofing is not necessary. After all, their parents didn’t seem to do anything special and they were raised successfully. But stop and think….how would you feel if you were one of those parents whose child was rushed to the Emergency Room? There is absolutely no greater devastation than losing a child and certainly that devastation is compounded when the loss is due to a preventable accident.

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