Belk’s Back to School Sale

Free Tickets – Belk’s Back to School Sale    ®                                                                 Child Proof Advice “Give the Gift of Safety”    Belk’s Back to School Sale Benefits Local Non-Profits You enjoy fantastic savings of up to 70% off  on all merchandise including rarely discounted brands  100% of proceeds from ticket sales goes directly  to Child […]


Blankets, pillows and stuffed toys are potentially harmful to children putting them at risk for suffocation if they become entangled. Consider swaddles as featured here and review these swaddling tips from Halo: Visit to place your order with our non-profit.

WebMD Baby App

WebMD Baby App Over 1.7 million parents have downloaded the WebMD Baby app to track their baby’s development and get trusted, physician-approved advice. In this single, free app, you’ll have the right resources to raise your infant or newborn. Five comprehensive tools to keep track of important needs for infants and newborns:

Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency?

P.A.S.S. Do you know how to operate a fire extinguisher in an emergency?  You don’t want to be struggling to get the pin to release while your kitchen is ablaze….practice, practice practice: P.A.S.S. Pull Pin, Aim, Squeeze Handle, Sweep Area  The P-A-S-S technique for fire extinguisher use: P – Pull the pin.  It is there to prevent accidental […]