Wondering Walker    doors       $ 1,000

At Summit Advisory Group, we love kids!  We’re honored to help support Child Proof Advice in their efforts to improve child safety.  Just as we believe in educating our clients to help them make sound financial decisions, Child Proof Advice believes in educating the community on child safety in hopes of reducing the number of fatalities and unintentional injuries to our most valuable asset, our children.

Wondering Walker    doors       $ 1,000

OrthoCarolina Pediatrics proudly sponsors Child Proof Advice by sharing their marketing brochure and contact information with our patients.  Many of the childhood injuries we see come from in-home accidents and could have been prevented with the right precautions.

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Aquesta Bank, Southpark Branch, has a young staff and supports their growing families by providing important safety information and Gift Baskets from Child Proof Advice.

They share business cards and brochures from Child Proof Advice with the bank customers on a daily basis and promote the organization with complementary advertising on the Aquesta website.

Giving back to the community means a great deal to Aquesta Bank and promoting child safety contributes to everyone in so many ways.

Inquisitive Toddler


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For 92 years, the Nationwide mission has revolved around our members.  Through the generations our business has been all about protecting you and your family. 

No matter what stage of life you are in, Nationwide is driven to continuously look ahead to offer products and solutions that lead the industry and support your success and security. 

From your first car to enjoying your retirement at last, Nationwide will be there for you.  Wherever the journey takes you…. 

Together, with the experts, we’re building a legacy of protection and safety so every child has the chance to live a long and fulfilling life..