Travel Safely with Toddlers Bag


The products in this duffel bag allow safe travel with an infant or toddler and the child proofing of grandma’s home, hotel rooms or vacation rental properties. Electrical outlets can be covered, toilet seats locked to prevent drowning, cabinets locked to stop a potential poisoning, and tiny fingers protected from door pinches, all temporarily and easily without damaging a property. A First Aid kit is also nearby in case of an emergency. Additional safety products are available; please call Child Proof Advice with your questions and special requests at 704.364.9817.

Return Policy Child Proof Advice is eager for all visitors to our website and all users of our products be satisfied with their selections. All child safety products (excluding parent training and the e-book) are fully refundable or replaceable within 30 days from the original date of purchase. Buyer provides return shipping costs.  Local returns can be delivered to the Child Proof Advice office in  Charlotte, NC. Please contact us with additional questions or comments: 704.364.9817 For the children you are protecting, we thank you Dismiss