Power of Attorney

A Medical Authorization Power of Attorney is a Notarized legal document enabling caregivers to authorize medical care for your child when you are not immediately available.  The Medical Authorization should be kept in the diaper bag and/or with the child at all times.  We also recommend keeping a copy in the glove box of your car, so it is always readily available.

A Day Care uses a comparable document as part of their registration process when your child first attends, but other caregivers would not be able to authorize medical treatment without this document properly Notarized and presented (yes, that includes grandparents, too).

Also, be sure to keep a copy at home and tell all caregivers where it is. Place it with their handbag and keys when they arrive; in case of an accident, no time will be lost in treating a child.

A bank officer can Notarize this and any document without a cost to you.

Find this document in our online E-Book at childproofadvice.org/safetyproduct