Child Proof Advice Safety Guide E-Book (English)


    Childproof your home with our Child Proof Advice Safety Guide and the Do-It-Yourself Room-by-Room Checklist with 150+ Safety Recommendations plus 60+ parenting resources to answer any questions you have about child safety and product recommendations.
    Additional safety products are available; please call Child Proof Advice with your questions and special requests at 704.364.9817.
    Table of Contents:
    About Child Proof Advice 
    Why Child Proof? 
    When to Childproof
    A Quiz – What Do You Really Know?
    Top Injuries in the Home
    Child Safety in the Home
    Baby Development by Month
    How Serious is Child Safety?
    Statistically Speaking 
    Child Safety Legislation
    Recommended Child Proofing Products
    Father’s Expertise with Child Care 
    Educational Video – How to Child Proof Your Home
    Safe Sleep – SIDS
    Baby Scalded 
    Room by Room Safety Checklist
    About Child Safety Gates
    Travel Safety with Toddlers 
    List of Items That Can Choke a Child
    Choking First Aid Instructions
    Infant CPR First Aid Instructions
    Near Drowning in a Community Pool 
    Poison Prevention
    Poison First Aid
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
    House and Garden Plants; Poisonous and Non-Poisonous
    Look-A-Like Products
    Why Use a Medical Authorization Power of Attorney
    Medical Authorization Power of Attorney 
    Medicine Cabinet Checklist
    Emergency Telephone List
    Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Use
    Super Sitter Tips 
    Safety and Parenting Resources 
    Liability Limitations
    Biography of Our Founder Marjorie Wrenn